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Barbed Wire

A very old and widely used product for fencing and security needs. This is a two strand wire with 2-4 point barbs mounted on it. The barbs are 3-6 inches apart from each other and double twisted. This is made in wire gauges of SWG 12, 13 and 14. Galvanized material (Hot-Dipped and Electroplated wire) and colored are available in our stock. Bulk orders are entertained on customer demand. It is packed in form of coil weighing approximately 20-25 kilos.

It offers great protection against corrosive environment. A cheaper product when used against fencing need as well as use for obstacles surrounds building/home boundary walls for security measures.

It is similar to that of wire mesh or crimp nettings, where we need aperture size in mm or inches, thickness of wire gauge in mm, inches or wire gauge standards like SWG, BWG, Size which includes width(3ft-6ft) and length of the Roll which are in standard form of 50ft or 100ft.

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