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Nylon Bolting Cloth

AMS has been representing SAATI Italy, one of the renowned Italian firms for the past decade in the field of Nylon Bolting Cloth used in flour milling in Pakistan, Bangladesh and UAE, thus setting up a remarkable example of the international trust we have garnered. SAATI Tech is a member of the world-renowned SAATI Group of Companies with a long and illustrious history of manufacturing and distributing precision-woven fabrics. Over the past 60 years, SAATI Tech has perfected the art of manufacturing fabrics to a high degree of precision, including a broad range of fabrics for applications involving sifting, from flour to pharmaceuticals, with an extensive selection of fabric types and mesh openings. The products manufactured are in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standards, and are suitable for food contact.

SAATI Mill "TM" screens are precision-woven for accurate, high-capacity particle separation. The SAATI Mill "TM" line is ideal for the exacting, screening and separating procedures used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and milling industries, with its abrasive sifting being used in corn, sugar and rice separation. SAATI Mill"TM" Screens are known for their high capacity, longevity, perfect fit and competitive pricing the world over.

SAATI Mill "TM" fabrics are available in a variety of fiber sizes for a given opening size. A large fiber improves screen life, but decreases screen flow capacity, whereas smaller fibers will provide greater screening capacity at the expense of wearing out quicker.

Flour Milling Fabrics

The flour milling industry has traditionally used a unique numbering system to denote variations in fiber sizes.

The SAATI Mil GG or Grit Gauze grades are woven with coarser opening sizes and smaller fibers to provide a higher screening capacity.

The Saati Mil XXX grades have a large fiber size, and are used for hard grades of wheat, durum and other abrasive grains.

Saati Mil XX fabrics are woven with two smaller diameter fibers adjacent to each other. This construction provides a rougher surface to the screen, which is beneficial when sieving soft wheat, bakery flour and other products that are difficult to sift through.

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It is similar to that of wire mesh or crimp nettings, where we need aperture size in mm or inches, thickness of wire gauge in mm, inches or wire gauge standards like SWG, BWG, Size which includes width(3ft-6ft) and length of the Roll which are in standard form of 50ft or 100ft.

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